Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain are in Red Zone, no relaxation even after May 3

Bhopal. In view of the situation arising from the corona virus, the second phase of lockdown implemented in the country is ending on 3 May. After which speculations are being made about the situation. There is also talk of whether the lock down will continue after May 3 or whether it can get some relaxation. Considering the situation in Madhya Pradesh, it is believed that there will be no relaxation in the areas which are in the Red Zone.

Economic activities can be approved with some restrictions in the areas of the state in the Orange Zone. People in the Green Zone can get great relief. All kinds of activities can be approved there. However, this government has ensured that in areas where any type of economic or other activities are being exempted, it will be necessary to follow social distance. It will also be mandatory for people to apply masks as well. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is having a meeting with officials in this regard. Also, a report has been sought from the collector of all the districts.

It is being told that no major discounts will be available in red zones like Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain. Here the lockdown can remain as it is now. Along with this, air, rail, hotel business, cinema hall, mall, shopping complex will be closed. Any kind of group activity, religious places, religious gatherings, the last journey will not include more than 20 people.

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At the same time, all kinds of economic activities will be allowed in the green zone. All the shops and factories will be approved to follow social datensing – offices of government and private institutions will also be opened. Apart from this, in the Yellow Zone, economic activities will be approved except in the Containment area in these zones. Except for the Containment Area, government and private offices with fixed staff can be given permission to open. This number will be 30 percent of the total staff at one time.

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