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Subramanian Swamy raises question on Modi government over corona pandemic

Have the states been punished for the negligence of the Central Government, due to which today states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra are extremely upset due to Corona virus attack.

The total number of corona-positive cases across the country has crossed 24 thousand, of which more than 18 thousand are active, about five thousand people have become healthy or they have been discharged from hospital, while more than seven hundred people died. has occurred.

In Rajasthan, the number of infected has reached 2000, so the total cases in Mumbai have exceeded four and a half thousand, while so far 179 people have died.

In the case of Corona virus attack, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy tweeted earlier this month that he asked why foreigners did not stop in India on February 1. Swamy believes that if this was done around February 1, it would not be a case of tablighi Jamaat.

Swamy had tweeted- Tabligi would not have been the case if foreigners had been banned from entering the country around February 1. Also, this situation would not have arisen if Indians, who were coming back to the country, had been acquired by the hotel near the airport and quarantined for 14 days. Why did the ban take so long?

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Obviously, this negligence has been done by the Central Government, whose punishment is being given to all the countrymen.

In February, the tweet about Corona virus was also done by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, but no action was taken by the Central Government, but will the Central Government answer the question of BJP’s senior leader Subramanian Swamy Why was there not a ban on February 1 in the wake of the Corona crisis?

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