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palmistry : signs in hand that makes a person big Social worker

palmistry : signs in hand that makes a person big Social worker

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The Shani mountain and the Saturn line are extremely important in the hand. The rise of Shani mountain in the hand and its nature affects the life of the person. If Shani Parvat is in good condition, the results will also be good, but if it is in a bad state, the results will not be good either. In the event of Saturn mountain being inauspicious, the person does his own harm. Shani mountain is under the middle finger. Learn from Pandit Bhardwaj how Shani mountain affects life.

  • If a person has a quadrangle on the Shani mountain, then he keeps it away from bad company. With a quadrangle, such a person starts working for the welfare of the society. He gets involved in social service. Reflects on the rise of society and works on it.
  • A longer brain line is not considered good. The longer brain line causes mental dissatisfaction in the person’s life. Sometimes this situation can also increase frustration. However, if a quadrant is formed on this line, then the person comes out of despair. After this situation such a person is also mentally satisfied.
  • A person’s morale is high by having a quadrangle on the heart line. But the inauspicious heart line is not considered good. This indicates heart diseases. However, if a quadrilateral is formed on the inauspicious heart line, the disease gets rid of.
  • It is not good to have a quadrangle on Mount Venus. If a quadrangle is being made on this mountain, it means that the person will get some kind of punishment or he may have to pay a fine in some case.
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