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Renowned theater artist Usha Ganguly passed away

Mumbai. Bengal veteran theater artist Usha Ganguly died on Thursday at her home in South Kolkata. She was 75 years old. According to her family, at her flat located in the city’s Lake Gardens area, she found the woman working at her house unconscious at seven o’clock on Thursday. After which he informed the neighbors, because Usha Ganguly used to live alone in her flat. No family member lived with him.

After this, the doctor was called, who said that he died of a heart attack some time ago. Please tell Usha Ganguly also has a son, but she lived alone in the flat. Her husband Kamlendu died a few years ago. Ganguly’s brother also passed away three days ago.

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He founded the Rangkarmi group in 1976, which is known for plays such as Mahabhoja, Rudali, Court Martial and Antartyatra. Usha Ganguly is credited with bringing a new form of alternative Hindi theater to Bengal. She used to say that theater is my life and color worker is my family.

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