Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan does not have Corona, test report came negative

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s coronavirus test has come negative. Imran’s corona test was conducted on Tuesday. 


The Coronavirus test of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is negative. Imran’s corona test was conducted on Tuesday. Imran Khan met Faisal Edhi of Idhi Foundation on April 15. Faisal Idhi Corona was found positive. After which a test and quarantine was done for Imran Khan as a precautionary measure. Imran Khan’s COVID-19 (COVID-19) test report was to come in 24 hours, which has come on Wednesday. The investigation report has been found to be negative. The doctors of Shaukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital examined Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

According to the protocol, it is recommended to go to quarantine itself to meet a person infected with coronavirus. Let us know that 16 more people died of coronavirus in Pakistan on Tuesday, due to which the death toll in the country has increased to 192 while the number of infected people has increased to more than nine thousand.

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Earlier, Faizal Idi’s son Saad told the Dawn newspaper that his father started showing signs of infection last week soon after a meeting with Imran Khan in Islamabad on 15 April. Saad said, ‘The symptoms lasted for four days and then they decreased.’ He said that his father is currently in Islamabad and he is fine. The Edhi Foundation was founded by the late Abdul Sattar Idhi and is the premier charity organization in Pakistan.

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