Viral Video: Man molested woman waiter in restaurant, touched her ass, then what happened was worth watching

A man in the restaurant touched the back of the waitress taking the order and then the next time he fell to the ground.

new Delhi: 

The man who molested a female waiter in the restaurant got a lesson for Taumer. CCTV footage of the incident is becoming very viral. According to the video, a man wearing a red T-shirt at a restaurant in the US was abusive with a waitress taking orders. As soon as he touched the woman from behind, he swiftly grabbed his collar and dropped it on the ground. 

Footage of the incident was shared on Reddit, which went viral on sight. It is seen in the video that a woman named Emilia is listening very poorly to the molesting person. Later, the accused person was arrested by the police. 

According to reports, the incident took place at 11 pm on 30 June. Accused Ryan Charvinski was released after being jailed for two days. CCTV footage of the incident was posted on Reddit four days ago, where it has been viewed more than 50 thousand times till now. 

Emilia is being praised on social media too. At the same time, Emilia told the Daily Mail, ‘I want to say from my experience that women should know that it is the right thing to stand up for themselves. You have the right to wear everything that you want to wear and it is also our right to protect ourselves.

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