Punjab CM Amarinder Singh said, community transfer starts, 58 percent of the population will be affected by Corona by September

Chandigarh Punjab CM Amarinder Singh said that community transfer of corona virus has started in the state. Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said, “Now it is a matter of concern that we are at a stage where even people who have no history of travel have been infected.” The Chief Minister said that out of the 27 cases of Corona, most of them are community transfer cases. He has no travel history and that is our concern.

CM said that this is the reason why we are taking very deliberate steps to increase the lockdown. Farmers will have to go to the farm, we are making sure that when they go to the mandi, social distancing remains intact, so we have increased the number of mandis. The police and guards will take care that the rules of social distancing are followed.

With this, the CM of Punjab said that in the data given to me by Indian scientists and medical practitioners, it has been told that 80-85 percent of the people of India can be infected, if these figures are true then they are horrific figures. With this, the CM said that by the middle of September, 58 percent of the population in Punjab can be infected with corona.

On opening the lockdown, Captain Amarinder Singh said, “We are doing it in a phased manner.” We are giving district-wise passes to those farmers who have 185 tonnes of wheat in their fields. This is a major operation. It will be from one village to another. We are also ready for storage, our godowns are still not empty to store wheat. But, together with the Center, we are working on this as much as possible.

Captain Amarinder Singh said, we hope that there will definitely be a medicine, which will come. Most of the cases in the state are those which have a history of foreign travel. This phase is going to be important now. Punjab will allow relief from the lockdown on the basis of the district for the farmers to harvest the rabi crop only. We have increased from 1800 to 3200 mandis.

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