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Delhi/ Muslim fruit sellers boycotted in Delhi on basis of old fruit seller’s fake video, Aadhar card being checked and if found muslim they are banished

Delhi/ Muslim fruit sellers boycotted in Delhi on basis of old fruit seller’s fake video, Aadhar card being checked and if found muslim they are banished

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  • In a video, a Muslim man was seen spitting in fruits, after which people were talking about not allowing Muslims who sell fruits and vegetables to enter the locality through social media.
  • Mohammad Anas, who sells fruits around Shastri Nagar in Delhi, says, "People are not allowing us to come to any street. They say - If they appear in the locality, they will turn the wheel. '
  • Shiv Singh, who sells vegetables in Gulab Bagh, says, "It was announced to me by a loud speaker in the locality that from now on, no Muslim will be allowed to come here to sell vegetables and fruits."
Muslim fruit sellers boycotted in Delhi on basis of old fruit seller's fake video, Aadhar card being checked and if found muslim they are banished

new Delhi. For the past three days, a video has become very viral on social media. This video is from Shastri Nagar area of ​​Delhi and 15-20 people are seen meeting in a street. The person making the video is speaking in it, ‘There is going to be a meeting in Shastri Nagar. These momedians who come in the streets, we will not let the Muslims enter the street at all. We are having a meeting and you are also requested to not allow any Muslim to enter your street. Check their Aadhaar card, ask their name, if you are a Muslim, then drive them away. These people are mourning. So my request to you is let no one let them in, Mommedian. ‘

When the person making the video is speaking it, then two vegetable sellers reach this street. On this, the people present there ask for identity cards from the vegetable people and say, ‘Bring Aadhar card from tomorrow or else don’t come this way. Many poles will fall. Along with this, these vegetables are abducted from there and in the video it is said, ‘Yeh dekhte bhai sahib. Just caught one, he told his name Mishra and that was Mohammad Imran. We chased him away after killing him too.

Since appearing on social media, videos have been shared by thousands. From Twitter to Facebook and WhatsApp, many people are supporting this video saying that all people should do the same in their respective neighborhoods, on the other hand, many people condemn the communal message being given through this video. Have been. Dainik Bhaskar explores this video. 

When we reached Shastri Nagar area of ​​North Delhi to know the truth of the video, initially most of the people of this place called this video fake. However almost everyone from the region had seen this video. RK Sharma, who deals property dealing here, says, ‘We all have seen this video. But it does not belong to Shastri Nagar. There has never been an incident like Hindu-Muslim discrimination in our area. It has done some mischief to discredit this area.

In the same area, when Bhaskar showed this video to Ranveer Singh, who sold vegetables for the past 12 years, he said, “Yes, this video belongs to B-Block here.” Recognizing the building seen in the video, Ranveer Singh said that the video was made in the locality near Lalitha Vihar School.

According to Ranveer Singh, when we reached Lalita Vihar, we saw the building which can also be seen in the video. In addition, a glimpse of the video shows that ‘Roti Bank’ is written outside a house. We also saw this house in this area, from which it has been established that the video going viral has been made in this locality. The name of this locality is ‘Good Living Society’.

The viral video shows a house where ‘Roti Bank’ is written. It is in B block of Shastri Nagar itself. Here the people of the neighborhood are running a ‘roti bank’ for stray animals. Every morning at 11 am, these people also hold a meeting in this regard. The viral video was shot during this meeting on Sunday.

One of the many people seen in this video is Sanjay Kumar Jain, who lives here. Sanjay says, ‘For a long time, such videos have been coming out in which it is seen that Muslim people are selling vegetables or fruits by spitting them. That is why the people of the locality decided to see the identity of whoever comes to sell vegetables here and only those who are old vegetables should be allowed to come. ‘

Another person seen in this video says on the condition of anonymity, ‘Who made this video and whose voice is in it, we cannot tell. But yes, we are all seen in this video. That day we were meeting as usual, then it arose that Muslim vegetables were spitting and selling vegetables. You may have also seen many such videos have surfaced. So we decided that we would not allow any Muslim to come here. However, later it was decided that now only two-three vegetables will come here which have been coming for years and which we recognize.

This area of ​​Shastri Nagar comes under Sarai Rohilla Police Station. When Bhaskar spoke to the police station officer Lokendra Singh on this matter, he refused to comment on it. But ACP RK Rathi of this area told Bhaskar, ‘This matter has come to our notice and we have also registered an FIR in this regard. We are investigating this matter. ‘ 

Asked whether the police have taken any steps to stop the discrimination that is happening to the vegetable or fruit vendors due to their religious identity? ACP Rathi says, “We are making announcements everywhere that if any person is found spreading communal messages in this way or doing any such discrimination, then a criminal case will be filed against him. We are taking care of this so that there is no such discrimination against anyone.

In Shastri Nagar area, apart from Muslims, other people will be seen selling you fruits and vegetables.

ACP Rathi assures that no fruit or vegetable will be discriminated against, but the experiences of those selling fruit vegetable are exactly the opposite. Mohammad Anas, who sells fruit by roaming around Shastri Nagar and its surrounding areas, says, “For the last three-four days, people are not allowing us to visit any street. People ask us for an identity card and drive away after seeing our name. People are abusive and say that you spit and sell fruits, if you appear in this locality from then onwards, you will turn your hand over.

Mohammad Salman also has almost the same experience, who sells grapes in this area. He says, ‘In almost all the mohallas, someone comes and speaks to us to show his identity. Due to fear, we are not going to the mohallas, but outside we are putting a cart on the main road. But here too, some of the people who stop ask the first name and proceed on hearing the name. Just two days ago, four-five customers were standing on my hand, when a man came on the Activa and started asking my name. When I told my name, he started telling customers that why are you buying fruit from it, these people spit and sell fruits. ‘

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Salman further says, ‘Sir, we do not know why that Muslim man is selling fruit by spitting in the video that has gone viral. Don’t know if the man is crazy or what. It is not even known whether the video is true or false. But we are paying for it. People are abusing us, threatening to kill us. Our sales have fallen by half. Why do we spit and sell fruits sir? Our livelihood works with these fruits, why would we do such a poor job and what will we get by doing this? ‘

Not only Salman and Anas, all the people selling fruits and vegetables in North Delhi tell that for the past few days, their identity cards have been demanded from them. Police and no officers are doing the work of checking identity but common people of the street. Ashok Kumar, a resident of Ghazipur, has been selling vegetables in North Delhi for more than a decade. He says, “Never before in all these years.” These days no one comes and asks for identity card from us, so we have started keeping the Aadhar card with us. We do not say anything after seeing the name of the people, but the Muslim vegetable people have refused to come to the street. These days it has become very difficult for the Muslim people who live around me in Red Tiger to work. ‘

Brijesh Kumar, 28, says, “Identity cards are being sought from everyone.” All Hindus and Muslims are getting upset by this. But after seeing our identity, no one says anything while Muslims drive away the people. After the case of these deposits, it has started happening more. People do not want to buy goods from Muslims. ‘ 

This matter of discrimination on the basis of their religious identity with the fruits and vegetables is not limited to Shastri Nagar alone. In the last three-four days, there have been incidents in many areas like Gulab Bagh, Trinagar, Andha Mughal and Adarsh ​​Nagar when those who sold fruit and vegetables were mistreated after seeing the Muslim identity and they did not come back to these areas. Was threatened. Siva Singh, 32, says, “In Pink Bagh, it was announced to me by a loud speaker in the locality that from now on, no Muslim will be allowed to come here to sell vegetables and fruits.” 

A video is also the main reason behind this discrimination with Muslim fruit-vegetable vendors. The video shows a Muslim man repeatedly spitting on his thumbs and bearing fruit. When Dhani Bhaskar investigated this video, it was revealed that the video is from Raisen in Madhya Pradesh and it appears The name of the person is Sheru Mian. On April 3, the Madhya Pradesh police registered an FIR against Sheru Mian under sections 269 and 270 after the place and name surfaced. Both these streams are charged with spreading a disease. However, it was also revealed in Bhaskar’s investigation that this video is more than 2 months old, as can be seen in the video that the person has put on a jacket during the cold days.

We talked to Sheru Khan’s daughter about this, he said that her father’s mental state is not well. However, despite this, the video is being viral saying that people of Muslim community are spitting fruits and vegetables to spread the corona infection. As a result, the cost of that viral video and the rumors related to it, now how many Muslim fruit and vegetable vendors across the country are needlessly suffering. Apart from all these vendors in Delhi, there have been reports from Gurugram, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and some other parts of the country, where the fruit and vegetable vendors of the Muslim community have been abused or beaten.

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