In view of the fast growing number of Corona Infections in many states of the country, the Government formulated this ‘strategy’

COVID-19 News: The government has made an aggressive plan in view of Corona’s uncontrollable situation. The most affected area under this scheme will be completely sealed by making a buffer zone.

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COVID-19 News: Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the country. So far 83 people have died due to coronavirus in India and 3577 have become victims of its infection. In the last 24 hours, 505 patients of Coronavirus have been exposed in the country. At the same time, the number of patients recovering is 275. In view of the increasing case of coronavirus, the lockdown continues for 21 days in the country, which will last till April 14. However, there are many states where more cases of corona are coming out. In view of this, the central government has made a strategy.

The government’s Health Ministry has made an aggressive plan in view of Corona’s uncontrollable situation. The most affected area under this scheme will be completely sealed by making a buffer zone. Such area will be completely closed for about a month. The danger of more outbreak of corona from such areas has increased, given that the government will adopt this strategy.

Let us know that so far Kovid-19 cases have been reported in 274 districts of the country. Since March 22, there has been a three-fold increase in Corona infected cases, after which the government has made this plan.  The 20-page document states that this ‘strategy’ will not be implemented only if no new cases of COVID-19 are reported for at least four weeks after the final confirmation test.


12,18,485CASES9,00,093ACTIVE2,52,492RECOVERED65,900DEATHSCoronavirus has spread to 183 countries so far . As of April 5, 2020 7:08 pm, a total of 12,18,485 cases have been confirmed worldwide and 65,900 have died. Treatment of 9,00,093 patients is continuing and 2,52,492 people have been discharged after treatment. .


3,577505CASES3,219435ACTIVE27562FIXED838DEATHIn India, 3,577 cases have been confirmed, including 83 deaths. April 5, 2020 As of 6:00 pm, the number of active cases in India is 3,219 and 275 people have been discharged after treatment.

State wise and district wise details

Tamil Nadu4857448275631
Uttar Pradesh2275321053192
Andhra Pradesh190291902911
Madhya Pradesh1656117464093

the document released on the website of the Ministry of Health, it has been told that all the suspected and corona infected patients will be admitted to hospital and kept in isolation. Patients will be discharged only when their sample is found to be negative. People who show mild symptoms of corona will be kept in quarantine. Patients who have slightly more symptoms of corona will be kept in the hospital and in which severe symptoms will be admitted to the advanced hospital.

It has also been told in the government’s plan that all the schools, colleges and offices in the area where the buffer zone will be made will be kept closed. No public and private transport will be allowed in these areas. Only essential services will be allowed. 

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