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daughter was reporting on TV from home in lockdown, father came in without shirt, watch video

During work from home, your biggest problem will come from the disturbance at home. There is something happening at home that distracts your attention and you cannot do office work with full concentration. The tweet of a TV news reporter describes this problem of yours very well which is becoming quite viral on social media. A TV news reporter named Jessica Lang, a resident of Florida, tweeted a video in which her father arrives without a shirt when she was standing in the kitchen of her home and shooting the video. His father falls into the camera frame wearing a t-shirt. 

According to the Daily Mail report, Jessica Lang works as a reporter in the Suncoast News Network. The company has also given them work from home due to lockdown. Jessica was to shoot the video on camera in a quiet place in the house. He chose the home kitchen. Her father is seen in the camera frame without a shirt while she was shooting a video on the corona virus in her kitchen. The father comes to the kitchen wearing a t-shirt. Seeing the father coming inside the kitchen like this, Jessica shouts – ‘Dad!’

This video was tweeted by Jessica in a joking manner, ‘It will be fine’. This video has received more than 14 thousand likes. 

Significantly, there is a lockdown in many countries of the world including India to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. Companies have given work from home to their employees. Work from home has many benefits such as you do not have to travel, you save time and money. You manage household chores as well, but during the work of the Disturbance office at home, your attention is also distracted.

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