Rajasthan / Cheap PPE kit given in SMS; The doctor said – Corona is far away, even normal viruses cannot stop it.

Jaipur (Sandeep Sharma).  Cheapest weapons are being distributed to the biggest doctors of the biggest war against Corona. The latest case is that of SMS. The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits given here are of poor quality. She is bursting with wear. Doctors say that even the corona cannot be protected from the common virus with this kit. While staff working between the Corona positive case and taking samples of suspects must have a Hazmet quality PPE kit.

On the complaint, the officer says a disposable kit is coming soon. Doctors say that do not give us incentive money, just give PPE kit of better quality and N-95. This is the situation when CM himself is supervising the project. There are 8549 PPE kits in the state. The 2821 PPE kit has a buffer stock. The PPE kit was purchased from RMSCL on behalf of Medline Company and Hospital on local purchase. The question is who is checking their quality.

following essential items could be brought through AMAZON during lockdown

That is why it is important to have Hazmet … so that we do not get caught by the virus itself

  • The Hazmat (Hazardous Material) suit is a sort of defense shield for the Corona Warriors. It protects the entire body from covering, hazardous substances, chemicals, biological agents etc. 
  • A level suit is used for high security in critical condition. 
  • B level suits protect droplets and chemicals, it can be used in low danger situations. 

Note- They were used extensively during the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Had to go to sample in Ramganj, remove the kit and then see the system holes

  • The PPE kit given to him was of very poor quality when the team arrived to collect samples after the case came positive in Ramganj.
  • Staff wore them but they were quite small. When someone was not even wearing the kit, someone had to tear it. For example, worn and sampled under compulsion.
  • Later this staff has complained to high officials.

Responsible said – giving good quality kit, it was coming right till morning

  • Dr. KK, director of medical department Sharma said that we have only PPE kits of better quality and the same are being given. The Department of Medical Education is procuring for the Medical College. 
  • SMS Med. The principal of the college, Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, said that I do not know how many and what kits are there. It was coming right till this morning.
  • Superintendent of SMS Hospital, Dr. DS Meena said that 400 hasmat kits have arrived, 1000 more have been ordered. These are being provided where needed.
  • Dr. Pawan Singhal, Vice President of Medical College Teachers Association of Rajasthan, Secretary Pawan Singhal said that more than the incentive amount, it is necessary to buy masks and kits of better quality. 

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