Randeep Singh Surjewala directs questions to Modi govt regarding Corona through Twitter

Mr. Randeep Singh Surjewala asked some important questions for the public interest through Twitter from the Modi government regarding Corona: –

Respected Modi,

The country will accept every request for lockdown.

But what did you do to stop the epidemic of Karona?

How will the health workers be protected?

What did you solve the catastrophe of Rosie Bread born of Karona?

How will 21 days of poor, laborers, farmers, shopkeepers, daily wagers be cut?

It is necessary to equip doctor-nurse-health workers to fight Karona but why N-95 masks, 3-ply masks, Hazmat suits are not available for them?

The country got 7.25 lakh body suits in March itself,
60 lakh N-95 masks, 10 million 3 ply masks needed. When will we get it?

Unfortunate but true! 84 days after the spread of Karona, your government has banned the export of ventilators, breathing devices and hand sanitizers on 24 March today.

Is this your preparation to fight the Karona infection?
Now wake up if you wake up!

You gave two 50-minute speeches to fight Karona.

The country is shocked that crores of factory and farm laborers, daily wage workers, MNREGA workers, street vendors, laborers, unorganized sector workers have not said a word for their livelihood. How will they feed their families for 21 days?

The farmer feeds the nation. Two-thirds of the population cultivates. You did not say a word to the farmers.

From next week the standing crop is ready to be harvested. How will the crop be harvested, how will it be sold and who will pay the fair price? What do you mean by your orders, you thought? Relieve immediately. In this crisis, the loan of farmers is the only way and also the solution. Immediately stop farmers’ debts and recovery. Make complete arrangements for purchase of crops at reasonable prices. Don’t forget, farmers are the backbone of the economy. Jai Kisan, Jai Hindustan!

Today, the need of the hour is to urgently implement the “minimum income scheme” suggested by Rahul ji and Congress.

Immediately deposit ₹ 7,500 in every Jan Dhan account, PM farmer account and pension account so that the poor can eat bread on June 2 in these 21 days. If you have life, you have the world.

The country will fight Karona and will also defeat it. The whole country is in tune with the announcement of your government but is completely disappointed with the measures. Hard moments lead to the litmus test.

Sorry, your government is not ready for this.

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