Gold-silver bricks will be installed in Ramlala temple, Trust gets first stone

Ayodhya. The volunteer organization Pawan Kumar Foundation of Hyderabad has announced to donate silver and gold bricks to the temple trust before the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya starts. In order of this donation, the foundation members reached the temple trust members on Wednesday with the first brick. The brick found in the donation has been deposited in the Treasury. It is being told that 34 such bricks will be donated to the Ram Temple Trust.

The members of the foundation have decided to donate silver and gold bricks to build the base of the Ramlala temple. Challa Srinivas Sharma, representative of the organization, handed over one of these bricks to the officials of Ram Mandir Trust in Ayodhya on Wednesday.

Sharma said that bricks are being prepared in the name of 34 districts of Telangana which will be donated to the trust. He told that the weight of the brick handed over to the temple trust officers is 2 kg and its price is about 1.60 lakh rupees.

According to Ayodhya DM Anuj Kumar Jha, the temple trust will soon issue an advisory for depositing the amount of donations and other materials. With its help, the amount of online donation can be deposited in the bank’s account. Apart from this, there will be a system of depositing valuable items in the trust’s office.

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