Digvijay singh manhandled by Karnataka police, he sits on Dharna outside hotel where rebel MLAs are kept, Arrested

Former Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha candidate from Congress Digvijay Singh suddenly arrived in Bangalore this morning along with Congress MLAs including ministers Tarun Bhanot, Sajjan Verma, Harsh Yadav MLA Kantilal Bhuria, Kunal Chaudhary and started to meet 16 Congress MLAs held hostage. While dictating, he kept them out and when Digvijay Singh reached to sit on the dharna to meet him, he was arrested Too.

Digvijay Singh alleged that I am a Rajya Sabha candidate from MP, I have to meet the MLAs of my party, even then the police present there told me not to meet without any solid basis, Mr. Singh was accused of taking the MLA of the Congress Party hostage BJP’s Arvind Bhadoria and some goons are inside and the police is doing all this at the behest of BJP.

The police later took them into custody.

Digvijay Singh said, “The police is not letting us meet the MLAs. I am a Rajya Sabha candidate from Madhya Pradesh. Voting is to be held in the assembly for the Rajya Sabha elections on the 26th. Our Congress MLAs are held hostage in the hotel here. They want to talk to us, but their mobiles were taken away.

The life of legislators is in danger. I have no bomb in my hand, no pistol and no weapon. Still why is the police stopping me? ” Apart from Digvijay, Sajjan Singh Verma, Tarun Bhanot, Kantilal Bhuria, MLAs Arif Masood and Kunal Chaudhary have also gone to Bangalore. On reaching here, Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar came to pick him up….

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