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Women’s health- 5 ways to improve physical fitness apart from exercise at the gym

A woman faces different phases in her life. On this International Women’s Day 2020, here are few health tips every woman needs.

  • Exercise is a very important part of physical fitness.
  • Here is how you can improve physical fitness by incorporating exercise in your routine, if you do not find the time to hit the gym.

Losing weight is important, not just to look your best, but to ward off the risk of many chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and cancer. When we exercise to lose weight, we are likely to experience the “Runner’s high”, and when we have achieved our weight loss goals, we might miss it. 

Working on your fitness can be quite addictive, but it may not always be possible with the busy schedule you have. Hitting the gym every day may also not be possible. What do you do when you want to improve or maintain your fitness levels, but do not have the time to hit the gym? Here are 5 ways to make it happen…

1.Literally run your errands – When you need to buy daily groceries, or go to the market to buy something for your house, make sure you do it yourself and do not rely on home deliveries. You can provide your body with a good cardio workout by running or brisk walking to the market. If the market is very near, take the longer route. 

2.Exercise in your kitchen – Working out or exercising in your kitchen is one of the best ways to save time, and squeeze in a little physical fitness in your busy schedule. You can perform quick exercises like squats, calf raises, etc when you are waiting for your food to cook.

3.Always take the stairs – You will be surprised to know the difference taking the stairs can make to your fitness levels. Climbing a stair can burn up to 0.75 calories while climbing down burns about 0.25 calories. Apart from that, climbing the stairs can temporarily increase your heart rate, and strengthen the heart. If you do it regularly, you will notice that you do not get breathless climbing the stairs, as you did initially. 

4.Avoid junk – Fitness is about exercise, but your diet also plays a very significant role. Even if you are not on a strict diet, avoid junk, oily, and processed food. It will help you avoid weight gain and maintain your fitness levels. 

5.Track your steps – Even when you are at work, try to take a break every few hours to take a walk. Not only will this help reduce the strain on your eyes, but it will also help you maintain your fitness levels. Track your steps. According to a study, 10,000 steps can help you maintain your weight, and improve fitness levels. Try to take at least 10,000 steps in a day.

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