Hot / Norwegian Bombshell Hilde Osland Nearly Pops Out Of Lace Top In Sexy Update; pics

Norwegian model Hilde Osland gave her 2.7 million followers something to get excited about with her latest Instagram update. The beauty shared a couple of photos that showed her wearing a sexy top and an animal-print skirt.

Hilde’s black lace top featured a low-cut neckline with half cups that barely covered her breasts. The number fit her body snugly, and it looked like she might pop out of it if she made any sudden, wrong moves. Her skirt also hugged her curves, showing off her slender waistline.

The pictures showed Hilde from a side angle as she glanced into a mirror. The images caught her body from the top of her thighs up. She held her hands in her hair — a pose that made her voluptuous chest prominent.

The first snapshot showed Hilde’s blurred reflection in the mirror. Her ample chest was hard to ignore as she arched her back slightly. The angle also highlighted her flat abs and the curve of her booty.

The second photo was taken closer to her body, and it blurred Hilde in the foreground while focusing on her reflection. It was a nice visual effect as the beauty looked at herself in the mirror. The shape of her bustline in the foreground was hard to miss, while the reflection showed off Hilde’s hourglass shape.

The bombshell wore her hair in a messy bun with tendrils framing her pretty face. Her makeup included dark brows, thick lashes, blush on the apples of her cheeks, and a coral shade on her lips. She accessorized with gold hoop earrings.

In the caption, she plugged online retail company Fashion Nova

The post was a hit, racking up over 35,000 likes within an hour of going live.

Many of Hilde’s admirers loved seeing her in the outfit. Dozens of flame and heart emoji filled up the comments section, but other fans had more to say.

“You exude so much femininity and sensuality, Hilde. Amazingly elegant,” gushed one Instagram user.

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