Budget 2020 LIVE Updates: Everything about Budget: Highlights of Nirmala Sitharaman’s Speech

New Delhi: Nirmala Sitharaman read a record speech of 2 hours 40 minutes this time. He said that people with income up to Rs 5 lakh will not have to pay tax in the new system like the old one.
Under the new arrangement, 20% tax has to be paid in this slab, now only 10% will have to be paid. Due to poor health, Sitharaman could not read 2 pages of the budget speech.


  • “Our government is committed to double the income of farmers.” We have focused on 6.11 crore farmers. There is a need to liberalize the farmers market. There is a need to invest more in agricultural produce, logistics. It has scored 16 action points. “
  • “First – to encourage the State Governments that promote modern laws like marketing of agricultural produce, implementation of contract farming law.” Second, the water crisis is a big challenge. We will focus on 100 districts facing water scarcity. Third- Annadata also became an energetic person. Fourth – Our government will promote balanced use of fertilizer. This will prevent excessive use of chemical fertilizer. “
  • “The government will help 20 lakh farmers to install solar pumps. We will provide grid connected pumps to 1.5 million other farmers. Will also increase solar power generation. If farmers have vacant or barren land, they will be able to install solar power generation units so that they can sell the solar power generated from there. ”
  • “Fifth – India has a capacity of 162 MT cold storage. We will promote warehouse construction at the block and taluk level. Food Corporation and Central Warehouse Corporation will also make cold storage on their land. “
  • Sixth- Self-help groups, especially women self-help groups will be able to promote village storage. She will collect the seeds and give the seeds to the farmers in the villages when they need them. “
  • “Seventh – Indian Railways will build Kisan Rail. They will arrange for storage in trains. “
  • “Eighth – Agricultural flying will also begin. This will be done through the aviation ministry. This will boost agricultural produce from the northeast and tribal areas. “
  • “Ninth – food is more than the target in horticulture”. We will promote a product in a district by dividing it into clusters.
  • “Tenth- will promote integrated farming system. Zero budgets will encourage farming and organic farming.
  • “11th – Financing on Negotiable Warehousing Receipts.”
  • “12th – Non-banking finance companies are currently active. NABARD scheme will be extended. In 2021, 15 lakh crore rupees have been kept for agricultural credit. “
  • “13th – Will eliminate livestock diseases.” Will use MNREGA in it. Milk will double the processing capacity. 53 MT to 108 MT. “
  • “14th – Will work on Fisheries.”
  • “15th – To increase fish production to 200 million tonnes by 2023.”
  • “16th – ‘Deendayal will promote self-help groups under Antyodaya Yojana’. 2.83 lakh crores will be spent on agricultural activities, irrigation and rural development.”

‘Target to end TB’

  • “We have a holistic plan for healthcare. There are plans such as Mission Indradhanush, Fit India Movement, Water Life Mission for Safer Pejyal. At present there are 20 thousand hospitals under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. We need more hospitals for Ayushman Bharat. “
  • “Hospitals will be built through PPP mode. In 112 districts where there is scope, Ayushman Bharat will be preferred. This will create employment in large numbers. “
  • “Taxes on medical devices will be used to increase health services in these districts. TB will lose, the country will win. This campaign has also been started. It will be strengthened further. The goal is to end TB by 2025. “Jan Aushadhi Kendras will be started in every district by 2024. 69 thousand crores has been kept for the health sector. “

’12 thousand crores for Swachh Bharat Mission’

  • “The government is committed to ODF Plus. Rs 12,300 crore has been earmarked for the Swachh Bharat Mission. Rs 3.6 lakh crore has been earmarked for the Water Life Mission. Under this scheme, water resources will be worked out at the local level. There will be a focus on cities with a population of more than 1 million. “

‘Will bring new education policy’

  • “By 2030, India will have the largest working age population.” We will need more jobs. 2 lakh suggestions have come to us. A new education policy will be announced soon. Talented teachers will be encouraged. “
  • “150 institutes will start degree-diploma courses. The government will start a program in which urban bodies will give internships for one year to new engineers so that interns can learn and urban bodies can also help in the work. “
  • “Online education will be promoted to provide quality education to marginalized children. India is also a favorite country for higher education. The Study in India program will be promoted in Asian and African countries. National Police University, National Forensic Science University will be formed. “
  • There is a shortage of doctors in the country. For this, there are plans to open district hospitals as well as medical colleges through Public-Private Partnership (PPP). For this, land will be provided at affordable rates. A detailed outline of the plan will be decided soon. “
  • “Teachers, nurses, paramedical staff are also needed in the country. The skill set is unable to match many times. Bridge course will be started through Ministry of Health and Ministry of Skill Development. 99,300 crores will be spent on the education sector. “

‘PPP will create 5 new smart cities’

  • “In the Saraswati-Indus civilization, such words are found which indicate the trade occurring at that time. Entrepreneurship has always been India’s strength. “
  • “Investment clearance cell will be formed, in which you will get information related to investment advice and land bank.” There will also be information about the Economic Corridor, Manufacturing Units. “
  • 5 new smart cities to be built through PPP”. These will be cities where investment is encouraged. “
  • “The electronics manufacturing industry is also growing rapidly. A plan to promote mobile phones, electronic equipment and semiconductor packaging will be announced soon. With this, more medical devices can also be made in India. “
  • “National Technical Textile Mission will be created. 1480 crores will be spent on it. ”
  • “Red Fort had insisted on the Zero Defect Policy from the Prime Minister. All the Ministries will issue Quality Standard Orders this year. Exporters will get the facility of digital refund. There should be an export hub in every district. “

‘Emphasis on development of highways’

  • “27 thousand crores rupees will be spent on promotion of industry and commerce. The National Infrastructure Pipeline was launched in December. Many projects were marked in it. These were for housing, clean water, health care, metro, railways, logistics and education. There is a possibility of large scale employment in it. “
  • “The National Skill Development Agency will promote infrastructure based skills. Young engineers, management graduates and economists will get an opportunity under this scheme. “
  • “The National Logistic Policy will be released soon.” Through all these schemes, the youth will be able to contribute to the work of giving better infrastructure to the common people. Emphasis will be laid on the development of 12 6000-km highways. “

Caring society

  • “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao program has got good results. The gross enrollment ratio in primary education is 94.83%. Girls are also ahead in higher secondary education. Health of mother and children is being monitored. “
  • “More than 6 lakh Anganwadi workers have been given smartphones to reach the women of 10 crore households. They are collecting information related to nutritional diet. This exercise is unprecedented. A task force will report in 6 months. In the budget, 28600 crores will be spent on specific programs based on women only. “
  • “We are working with urban and rural bodies so that cleaning of sewer systems is not manual. 85 thousand crore rupees will be spent for the development of backward classes and scheduled castes. 53700 crores will be spent on the development of the scheduled tribe. “
  • “Indian Institute of Heritage and Conservation to be formed. 5 archaeology sites will be made iconic sites. These include Rakhigarhi (Haryana), Hastinapur (Uttar Pradesh), Sivasagar (Assam), Dhaulavira (Gujarat), Adichenalur (Tamil Nadu). There will be a revival of the National Museum in Kolkata. Our government will build a Tribal Museum in Ranchi. “

National recruitment agency to be formed, India to host G20 in 2022

  • “National Recruitment Agency will be formed which will conduct computerized examination on non-gazetted posts.” Every district will have its examination center. “
  • “The statistical system also needs to be improved. Reliability of data is very important. We will make a new policy on official statistics. “
  • “India will host the G20 presidency in 2022. It will be on the 75th year of independence. 100 crore will be spent for its preparation. “

Financial Sector: Insurance of 5 lakh for depositors

  • “We need a reliable and strong financial sector.” Financial architecture needs continued strength. We have merged some banks. We have invested capital in public sector banks so that they become competitive. There is a system of monitoring of all scheduled commercial banks so that people’s money remains safe. Deposit insurance coverage has also been expanded. The insurance cover for the depositor is being increased from one lakh to five lakh. “
  • Government will sell LIC stake :The Finance Minister said, “Some of the government’s securities will be opened only to non-resident investors as well. We will introduce legislation related to financial contracts to increase investor confidence. 22 thousand crore rupees have been given for infrastructure pipeline projects. It is also proposed to sell its stake in LIC through an IPO. “
  • Revenue and growth : Sitharaman said, “2019-2020 was Rs 26.19 lakh crore and revenue of Rs 19.32 lakh crore. We estimate 10% nominal growth in GDP in 2020-21. Expenditure of Rs 30.42 lakh crore and revenue of Rs 22.46 lakh crore is estimated in 2020-21. The fiscal deficit is estimated to be 3.5%. “

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