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Arun Govil, Who Played Ram In Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, Says His Career ‘Came To Standstill’ After The Show

Arun Govil, who became popular with the role of Lord Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s legendary serial ‘Ramayana’ (1987-88), says that after this role, producers refused to take him to films. Govil made this disclosure in a conversation with Mumbai Mirror. He says, “I started my career as a hero of Hindi films. When I wanted to return to Bollywood after ‘Ramayana’, the producers used to say- ‘Your image as Ram is very strong. We cannot cast you in any other form or give a supporting role. “

‘Career had come to a standstill’

According to Govil, the producers felt that they were not fit for commercial films. He says, “It became the weakest point of my career and I realized that I can no longer return to the silver screen the way I want to. I did some TV shows. But whenever I went to do something, people Deny me and say- Hey, what is Ramji doing? I was disappointed and my career was questioned. Where a show brought me so much love and respect. At the same time, my career came to a standstill. “

‘Nothing special done for 14 years’

Arun says, “I worked a few more years before making a distance from acting. But I didn’t do anything special except a few special appearances for 14 years. I haven’t given up acting completely. But now only when I get something good . ” According to Arun, they are not jobless. He simply did not consider it important to continue acting. He says, “There has never been a situation that I was worried about running a family. I believe in this that I can always help myself.”

Refused to take Laxman or Bharat’s role

Govil shared the story of ‘Ramayana’ audition in the conversation. He said, “I remember that after the audition of ‘Ramayana’ I requested Sagar (Ramanand) sir for the role of Ram. He asked me if I was ready to play Lakshmana or Bharata? Because Ram He had already cast someone else for the role of “K”. But I refused. Then one day suddenly Sagar sir told me that you are playing Ram. “

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