This couple had sex 3 times daily for a week and the result …

The couple had sex 3 times everyday for a week …

What happens when a couple has too much sex? To get an answer to this question, a couple had sex 3 times every day for a week and then what happened, read in the following slides to know the answer …

A couple planned a week vacation in Goa, packed the bags and reached a resort in Goa. The first day we had sex at 5 in the morning and the beginning was excellent. Exactly 2 hours later, in the same room, on the same bed, we did lovemaking again. And then after returning from the beach at night we had the third round of sex

The first day the first sex session took place at 10 am. After this, we have taken a room on rent in one of the shacks on the beach and we enjoyed the amazing sex session. After exhausting the day, I was tired of returning to the resort but not my boyfriend and then we used lube.

After enjoying Morning Sex on the third day, we went out for a walk. After returning to the resort late at night, it was realized that we had sex only once a day, so to start the second round, both of us started acting but this time the need for more lube due to the absence of arousal. Lying.

The fourth day had started that when I opened my eyes in the morning, I felt as if my whole body was collapsing and I was on a bed of stinging pin. In such a situation, sex was the last thing that was on my mind and my boyfriend was snoring and sleeping. The challenge of having sex 3 times every day for a week was over on the fourth day. Yes, too much sex not only makes you tired but also boring.

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