Budget: The government may announce a National Logistics Policy to reduce freight costs for traders

  • Considering the creation of a central portal for logistics facilities to traders.
  • There is also a proposal to create a separate fund for the startups of the logistics sector.

NEW DELHI: To make business transportation in the country easy, the government may announce a National Logistics Policy in the budget. The news agency quoted the sources on Monday. Accordingly, the Logistics Division of the Ministry of Commerce has worked on the policy. Its purpose is to reduce freight costs for traders. For this, a central portal can be proposed, so that companies can get solutions related to logistics.

The idea of ​​doubling employment in the logistics sector

National logistic policy will also emphasize to increase warehouse capacity. It is also proposed to facilitate a national logistics e-marketplace for exporters and importers, create separate funds for startups in the logistics sector and double the employment opportunities in this sector.

The government believes that higher logistics costs affect the competitiveness of domestic goods in the international market. If the National Logistics Policy is implemented effectively, business will get a boost, exports will become competitive and the country’s performance in the Logistics Performance Index will improve.

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