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Future technology / This is how technology will change fashion in future

Tanu S, Bangalore. Fashion vest is going to decrease in the new decade. Material innovations and technology together are going to completely change the fashion industry. This new phase of fashion will also have an impact on the price and also on the moral values ​​of the industry. Some companies have started making a difference with their innovative initiatives …

  • ‘Bolt Threads’ has produced microsilk and mylo leather. Thread-like cells make it durable and biodegradable. More economical than any leather. Microsilk is also biodegradable which is made from bioengineering yeast.
  • ‘Footfalls and Heartbeats’ is taking wearables to the next level by turning textiles into sensors. The company has patented the sewing technique in which the fabric will work as a sensor. In 2021, it will be seen in shoes and clothes. The clothes will feel pressure and stress which will make the user more knowledgeable.
  • “Tencel ‘made new pulp by preparing tree pulp which is natural, strong and biodegradable. Refibra recycling technology makes new fiber by preparing cotton pulp. Tencel fibers are used by Levi’s, Banana Republic, Patagonia.
  • Spanish manufacturer’s dry indigo fabric is nothing short of a fashion revolution. The company aims to make the most durable material. Dry indigo is prepared without water. It takes up to 65 percent less electricity to make it and the use of chemical is also reduced by 90 percent. Whereas making a pair of jeans in a conventional way costs as much water as an adult can drink for about seven years.

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