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Giving or accepting gifts effects your planets, if you want to succeed in life, then take these precautions

Giving or accepting gifts effects your planets, if you want to succeed in life, then take these precautions

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Often when giving gifts to friends and relatives, we first take care of either their choice or their pocket, but do you know that a gift given to someone can make you skeletal or even rich. Surprising may be necessary to hear, but it is true. Very few people know that the gifts given to your people or the gifts you get from others have a profound effect on your planets. Let’s know how.

When a person donates an object to another person, the belief behind it is to distribute the object related to the planets which give inauspicious results, so that their inauspiciousness can be reduced. But if you inadvertently distribute any thing related to your auspicious planets as a gift or gift, then its auspiciousness also decreases. Because of which that auspicious auspicious planet does not give the expected result to the person that year. Let us know which thing should be avoided by giving gifts or donations when the planet is strong in the horoscope.

Sun- If the Sun is in a good position in your horoscope, then it is appropriate to take an object made of copper, objects of ancient importance, related to science. At the same time, if the sun is low or bad in the horoscope, then it is considered appropriate to gift all these things. In not doing so, you can get related fruits like hindrance in promotion, pain to father etc.

Moon- Everything made of silver, rice, oyster, pearl, etc. are considered as factors of the Moon. All these things should not be offered to others when the position of the Moon in the Kundli deteriorates. All these things should be rooted only when the moon is in a good state or else there may be discord, anxiety, futile runaway etc. in the house.

Mars – If Mars is bad in your horoscope, do not accept a gift box of sweets from another person. Rather, in such a situation, do not hesitate to give a box of sweets to another person.

Mercury- If the condition of Mercury in the horoscope is bad then never donate pen, toys, sports items to another person. Otherwise, business or younger sister may suffer. If Mercury is in a good place in the horoscope, do not hesitate to take all these things.

Guru- If you want to improve your Guru’s position, then donate religious books, gifts made of gold, yellow clothes, saffron etc. to the people. But if the Guru is seated as auspicious fruit in the horoscope, then the fruits of the Guru can be reduced by donating these things. Due to which there may be shortage of funds, interruptions in business or government service.

Venus- Aromatic liquor, silk cloth, four wheelers, luxury goods, accessories used for women are all considered as factors of Venus. If Venus in the horoscope is inauspicious, then share all these things, but it is not right to take them. By doing this, a person can cause pain, unpleasantness, urinary disease from women without any reason.

Shani- If Saturn’s condition is bad in horoscope, avoid serving alcohol at parties, but if Shani is good then go to such parties, but do not organize yourself.

Rahu- Electrical appliances, carbon, medicines all these things are related to Rahu.

You have to take gifts or give effect on your planets, if you want to succeed in life, then take these precautionsKetu- Blankets, shoes, slippers, dogs, knives, knives, fish dishes etc. are attached to Ketu. A person can cause ear disease, injury to the feet and pain to the son if the opposite transaction occurs.

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