Kangana Ranaut’s advice to Deepika Padukone on Tittock video, actress apologizes

Kangana said that it was a very insensitive video and I hope that Deepika will have some reason to make it. I think they should apologize for this kind of insensitivity, because mistakes happen to humans only.

Deepika Padukone’s film Chhapak, based on the life of Acid Attack Survivor Lakshmi, has been released and has managed to earn an average at the box office. But the controversies related to this film are not ending yet. A Tiktok video of Deepika’s social media was going viral in which she asks a makeup artist to make a splashy look.

After the release of this video, this video of Deepika on social media was described as very insensitive and she was criticized a lot. Now Kangana Ranaut’s opinion in this matter has also come out. In an exclusive conversation with India Today, Kangana said that my sister is an acid attack survivor and she has been very hurt by this video of Deepika.

Kangana told that this was a very insensitive video and I hope that Deepika will have some reason to make it. Many a times it happens that your marketing team is constantly preparing something for the promotions of the film and sometimes you get insensitive to something in an unwanted way. This is not a makeup look and no one should try to achieve such a look and I think they should apologize for such insensitivity because the mistakes are made by humans.

Apart from this, Kangana also spoke about Deepika going to JNU. Let us know that before the release of her film Chhapak, Deepika reached JNU to support left wing students in JNU. Kangana said while talking about this, that it is very tricky. Women should support women, but what Deepika did, I can never do this.


She further said that Deepika knows what she is doing and what she is standing for. Deepika has the right to express her Democratic rights and has done the same but I cannot support the gang in pieces. I do not understand who are these innocent people who celebrate the martyrdom of soldiers, or are saying hi to the hanging of the rapists of Nirbhaya but these people are called intellectuals. I do not understand what their logic is. I do not understand what they want.

Significantly, Kangana’s film Panga is going to be released on January 24. Stars like Richa Chadha and Jassi Gill will also be seen in this film. The film is directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari and the story of a kabaddi player will be shown in this film.

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