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Air India reappointed pilot convicted in sexual harassment case

In May last year, a senior Air India pilot was suspended due to allegations of sexual harassment of a female colleague. The pilot has now been restored to service. But the pilot has been heavily fined and found guilty in an internal committee investigation

‘Heavy penalty’ on Captain Sachin Gupta
In this context, a senior official said that the committee has imposed a heavy fine on Captain Sachin Gupta. Gupta then appealed to the higher authority against the punishment. On the matter, PS Negi, Regional Director (Northern Territory) of Air India said, ‘The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of the airline has investigated and found Captain Sachin Gupta guilty of misconduct charges.’
Captain filed appeal against punishment
Also, he told that, Captain Sachin Gupta has filed an appeal before the next higher authority / CMD (Chairman and Managing Director) against the punishment. Air India reported eight complaints of sexual harassment during the first six months of 2019, while a total of 10 complaints were filed in 2018.
The chairman of the company gave a statement
Ashwani Lohani, the company’s chairman and managing director, said on 16 May that the airline should take strict action against employees who are accused of sexual harassment of female employees.
In the message, he wrote that, ‘It is shameful that sexual harassment cases are frequently coming up in Air India. We need to take strong action against such criminals. Make this message available to all, especially in the departments concerned.

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