JNU violence / Delhi Police revealed identity of 9 people, including student union president Aishi, in custody case, not detained

The SIT of Delhi Police, which is investigating the JNU violence case, put important things related to the investigation in the media on Friday. DCP Joy Tirkey said nine members, including student union president Aishi Ghosh, have been identified in the violence and sabotage case. No one has been detained yet. He said- soon notice was sent to these people for questioning. After this press conference, Aishi Ghosh said – I also have proof. However, he did not reveal what evidence he had.

DCP Tirkey said – 4 organizations associated with the Left are continuously performing in JNU. These people are breaking the rules and causing inconvenience. Student Front of India, All India Student Federation, All India Student Association, Democratic Student Federation are performing continuously.

Case sensitive, hence the investigation between the press conference – SIT

  • DCP Tirkey said – This is a very sensitive matter, so during the investigation, we decided to have a media briefing. The media is covering the evening of the 5th. There have also been incidents of assault and sabotage before this. 4 student organizations are performing continuously. These people were not allowing anyone to register.
  • He told, “The protesters were not letting anyone register. If someone tried, they were threatening him. These protesters broke into the registration office on January 3 and January 4 and vandalized the server room. These people also beat up the staff. ”
  • DCP Tirkey said – On the 5th, at 11:30 am, the staff was trying to register. A team came and asked the staff to walk to the gate, they were beaten. During this time, when the security personnel went to rescue, they also got injuries. At 3:45 pm, these people went to Periyar Hostel and vandalized, people were also hurt. Some special rooms were attacked here.
  • “On the evening of 5th, peace talks between teachers and students were going on at T-Point and during this time a group came. They were masked and had poles in their hands. These people entered the Sabarmati hostel and assaulted them. These people entered certain rooms only.
  • DCP Tirkey said that the people living in the campus are also being negotiated for investigation. We are also investigating who is an inside man and who is an outsider. Some WhatsApp groups were also formed on the day of the incident. We were trying to get CCTV footage, but we could not get them. Have talked to people till 30-32. People are being questioned through viral videos.
  • He said that a WhatsApp group has been identified. Its name is “Unity Against Left”. It has 60 members. Some people have also been identified. This includes Chunchun Kumar, Pankaj Mishra, Bhaskar, Sucheta, Priya Ranjan, Samant, Yogendra Bhardwaj, Vikas Patel, including Aishi Ghosh. People have been identified. No one has been detained. I am going to send notice to these people. I will interrogate them.
  • Aishi Ghosh said- Delhi Police can conduct its own investigation. I also have evidence, which will show how I was attacked. I have full faith in the law and order of the country. I know that the investigation will be impartial. I will get Nyam, but why is the Delhi Police favoring? Why was the FIR not lodged on my complaint. I did not attack anyone.
  • ‘We have done nothing wrong. We are not afraid of Delhi Police. We will stand with law and order and carry forward our campaign in a peaceful and democratic way. 

Vice Chancellor said- University will continue its work

JNU VC M Jagdish Kumar said – Thousands of students are getting the registration done for the winter semester exams. We are taking every step to help the students. Now no service and utility charges will be taken. Students will only have to pay room rent, which is Rs 300. The money that is being taken from the students will be used to provide better facilities to them.

The ruckus so that ABVP and BJP can be accused – Javadekar
Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said – Today’s police briefing has made it clear that for the last 5 days there was a deliberate uproar because of accusing ABVP, BJP and others Can go it is not true. It was the Left organizations that conspired for violence, spoiled CCTV and ruined the server.

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